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Chemical Reactions I: Net ionic equations

4.5 Net ionic equations – No driving force for reaction = no reaction

Subjects: Chemical reactions, net ionic equations

Description: Two chemicals are mixed together resulting in no reaction.


  • 0.1 M Sodium hydroxide, NaOH‡
  • 0.1 M Potassium acetate (KCH3CO2)‡
  • 2 100 mL beakers
  • 1 250 mL beaker

‡ Sodium hydroxide is located in the cabinet under the hood. 0.1 M Potassium acetate is located in the solutions cabinet.


  1. Pour the individual solutions into labeled 100 mL beakers.
  2. Pour both beakers into the 250 mL beaker.
  3. Observe that no reaction takes place.


NaOH(aq) + KCH3CO2(aq) → Na(CH3CO2)(aq) + KOH(aq)

Na+(aq)+ OH-(aq)+ K+(aq)+ CH3CO2-(aq)→

Na+ + CH3CO2-(aq) + K+(aq) + OH-(aq)

All ions are soluble and are spectator ions. Therefore no reaction takes place.

Safety: None.


Check that the solution is between pH 2 and 12. It can be flushed down the drain with water.

References: Prof. Botch.

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