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A piece of celery (or carrot, potato, etc) is placed in a salt solution. The piece of celery or carrot will shrivel. Conversely, when celery is placed in a deionized water solution, it will swell.


An egg (shell removed) is placed in a sugar solution. The egg will shrivel. Conversely, when an egg is placed in distilled water, it will swell.


Demonstrate that maple syrup has a higher boiling point than water. As maple syrup continues to boil, the solution becomes more and more concentrated as water is lost. The increasing concentration of sugar in the water increases the boiling point of the solution.


The boiling point of water is increased with addition of road salt.


When a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate trihydrate is poured onto a seed crystal on a surface, it crystallizes. A column of crystallized material can be produced. Alternatively, a seed crystal is added to a solution, the solute precipitates.


Two solutions are mixed together producing a colloidal suspension of sulfur. White light is passed through the solution and projected onto a screen.  Shorter wavelengths of light are scattered making the solution appear bluish, while longer wavelengths pass through the solution creating a “sunset” effect that appears on the screen.