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Thermodynamics I: Energy, Heat, Enthalpy

7.0 Props to be Used for Thermodynamics

Subjects: Heat capacity, heat transfer, phase changes, delta H, internal energy, endothermic vs exothermic, work, calorimetry.

Description: A number of items used to demonstrate principles of introductory thermodynamics.

Materials A:

  • 250 ml beaker and 1000 ml beaker (fill with water)
  • Chunk of copper
  • 600 ml beaker (fill with water)
  • burner*, stand* matches
  • chunk of iron
  • 500 ml beaker (fill with ice)

Materials B:

  • Salt
  • 600ml beaker
  • parafilm
  • thermos
  • bunsen burner
  • rubber band

Materials C:

  • thermos
  • Balloon
  • Bomb calorimeter with container
  • 600 ml beaker
  • parafilm
  • coffee cup calorimeter
  • Cheerios

*Shared items. Burners are located in the top drawer opposite the shelves. The bomb calorimeter is located on top of the flammables storage cabinet.

Discussion: None.

Safety: None.

Disposal: None.


1. Prof. Botch

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